I love to entice people into action

with the pure joy of movement

and the deliciousness of whole foods that nourish the body.

I came to this having enticed my own self the same way …jan-jensen-2013

When I became a mom, I stopped creating. I entered a downward spiral. I found my way out of that spiral when I discovered new ways of moving and new ways of eating.

As I have regained that vitality, my creative urges have grown and demanded to be expressed. This resurgence of my own artful expressions has given me great joy.

I now have the energy (and insight) to move in ways that delight me, giving me the vitality and focus to create visual art that also delights me and is my love offering to the world.


I’m also passionate about:

  • Nia, dancing, expressive movement of all kinds
  • Painting, scribbling, collaging, sculpting, gluing, colouring, drawing
  • Being a Food Alchemist – creating delectable recipes to tempt the taste buds and nourish the body … oh, and they just happen to be gluten and dairy free too!
  • Writing, writing, reading – articles, posts, books, poems – flowing from my heart to the paper
  • Gardening – growing blossoms for beauty and veggies for outrageously good fresh and natural food
  • Walking on land and kayaking on the ocean, or floating on/in just about anything
  • Connecting with friends and family, while walking, talking, laughing, living
  • And most of all – being an Energy Alchemist. That’s how I see my role in the lives of the women with whom I connect. Whether it’s how to be in your body in a more mindful, loving way … or how to feed that body with amazing movement and food … or how to give your own self a love-hug when you need it the most … I offer small steps that can add hope and grow possibilities in your life.

My current offerings are:

I have been teaching Nia since 1997. As a Nia Black Belt and Nia 5 Stages instructor, I thrive on helping people develop more positive and proactive approaches to their jobs and personal lives through physical awareness techniques.

My energizing playshops and retreats weave together radical self-care and creative expression with laughter and learning; the how-tos of building and maintaining a vibrantly healthy body and life … all in a playfully empowering way.

My own body-mind-spirit connection is constantly evolving, and I am always excited to share my latest discoveries and learnings.

If there is anything that you would like to see added to the site, please drop me a line:



Jan and hubby Ron Jensen (Coast Painter) enjoying a gorgeous Sunshine Coast day on the water