There’s Something About Getting Cultured

The last few weeks have been tougher for me, emotionally. Nothing bad has happened to me or my family, but I think that nutzoid mess that is the world at large has been seeping into my energy fields. One of the ways I’ve been “managing” that was by eating everything in sight – as well […]

Get Cultured! Workshop April 29, 2017

Guess what I’m up to? Making samples for my next Get Cultured! workshop. It’s happening on Saturday April 29th at my place in Sechelt from noon – 3 pm. Why might you be interested in cultured veggies? Cultured veggies provide a wide variety of probiotic strains. This is a good thing. Drugstore probiotics tend to contain very few […]

Get Cultured! June 11, 2016

    I’ve set the date and made my plan, so it’s up to you to see if this is YOUR time to Get Cultured! Why cultured?  Cultured vegetables power up your immune system so that those nasty bugs can’t get in. They are packed with probiotics that help your digestive system get top nutrition out of […]

Getting Cultured – The April 2016 Version

Constantly building the presence of probiotic foods in your life can change how you feel – every day. It’s true! I’m hearing more stories all the time about how the addition of cultured veggies has alleviated long standing symptoms of gut microbiome distress. Maybe this doesn’t count as scientific proof per se, however I’m finding it completely affirming! […]

Continuing to be Cultured

I’m at it again, folks. There’s another Get Cultured! workshop coming Saturday, October 3 from noon to 3 at the Davis Bay Community Hall. I’ll have lots of information about the benefits & why’s, as well as lots of cultured vegetables for you to taste. After a demo of the magic process 😉 you get to make […]

Getting Cultured in Pender Harbour BC

Cultured veggies are the path to increased health and vitality. It’s true! Also known as fermented vegetables, these little taste treats actually increase your digestive system’s access to the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. The truly great thing is that they are easy to make (once you […]

Can tasty treats be healing?

I get such a buzz from creating delightful taste treats that are actually healing and health building for you. How can tasty treats be healing, you ask? It’s these lovely little probiotic creatures that inhabit fermented foods. They are energetic beings who love gardening in our gut. The delightful thing is that this is what […]

Fall Fermenting Workshop

Oh the harvest is humming! And I know a super healthy way for you to benefit from all the vegetables beconing to you. Fermented or cultured vegetables are the easiest, most inexpensive way to build health, and it’s something you can add to your daily food with no disruption or deprivation. Then just notice and […]

Demanding Culture

Yes, you are. And I am happy to provide the keys to making wonderfully alive fermented foods. Foods that so easily add so much to your body’s health and well-being. The latest benefit that I’m noticing for myself is that my allergies to plants and cats seem to be dissipating. Yesterday I was visiting a […]

Getting Cultured Again (Apr. 8 2014)

Wow! The response to my recent workshops has been so great (they’ve been overfull) that I’ve decided to add another workshop to my schedule.   How’s your health? How’s your energy level? Is your immune system calling for more support? I can help you feel better with these easy-to-make cultured (also called fermented) vegetables. They […]

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