Welcome Beautiful Soul. I’m so pleased that you’ve found your way to this happy space dedicated to the Tender Loving Care of the Whole You ~ Body, Mind and Spirit.

I hope you will be inspired listen to your body’s wisdom and choose to make small simple changes that nourish the whole you. You might think such tiny changes won’t transform your big picture, but over time they can make a significant difference – not only where you’re expecting change but through many facets of your life.

I would love to share this journey with you, so read on about what is calling to you.

From The Blog

Rethinking Time – DOing or UNDOing?

It started after joint replacement surgery.  My body complained bitterly if I did not follow the Rest Ice Elevate rule explicitly and often. No problem at home but big challenges while I was out! I quickly realized I had limited amounts of energy, limited...

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Razzle Dazzle Cheesecake! SO good!

Raspberry season is almost here! My raspberry patch is abuzz with bees and the first berries are growing SO fast. Yes, I am just a little excited! I love raspberries and our little patch is so prolific! AND I found a beautiful recipe to help everyone enjoy...

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