Today I flipped through my Louise Hay affirmations for a random positive thought to start my day.  “I am centered in truth and peace” fell into my hands. This card has the secondary statement of “I search for injustices I still harbour. I forgive them and let them go.” … which is exactly what I needed. I was holding on to a minor injustice (my story) from yesterday … oh what a great way to start my day – dragging that great ball& chain of negativity. Again.

So I take a big breath and emphasize the exhale – letting go.  I feel my whole body relax, shoulders drop and my chest opens.  Huh.  What I sense is a whole new start to my day that includes self love, unconditional love … and it spreads.

Every time I teach a Nia class I get this amazing rush of peace along with the rest of the physical benefits of moving the Nia way.

Now I’m paying more attention as to how I take that out into my day

When do you pay attention & activate self-love? How & how often?