From Recipes for Loving the Body You’re In

This is S-O-O easy and quick, and satisfying! You just have to watch that you don’t bake them too long. In my convection oven at 325 degrees F, it usually takes about 15 minutes.

2 apples, cored
2 pears, cored

Set fruit upright in a baking dish, sprinkle with a lot of cinnamon and bake. The pic above shows a variation: a stick of cinnamon (that’s lots) surrounded by blueberries. I’m salivating just typing this …

Also try baking them so that they’re starting to soften but still firm – that way you get the comfort factor of warm fruit with the health factor of more nutrients still available.

To be extra fancy, I have used my apple coring gadget to cut the fruit in a spiral. I keep it in one piece, set each one upright in the baking dish and then enjoy eating the spiral. No extra nutrition from this tip – just more fun!

Eat and smile…