Jan’s Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Good-for-you Recipes

Can gluten free, dairy free taste great? Yes! Can you prepare this food easily at home? Yes!

In all my recipes, I aim for the highest value of fresh food with the fewest empty calories possible ~ and the most delicious flavours. I search out organic foods with no or little processing, grown as close to home as possible. This means that there are not a lot of recipes for tropical fruit or other exotic ingredients. However you will find dates or bananas in sweet treats instead of processed sugar, resulting in exceptional taste with higher health benefits.

I have written three books filled with gluten free, dairy free recipes that are delicious and good for you too!  Smoothies, breakfast suggestions, appetizers, spreads & sauces, wraps and rolls, salads, dressings, soups, dinner delights and, of course, yummy sweets:



CELEBRATIONS Fresh and Delectable Recipes

(Gluten and Dairy Free too!)

CELEBRATIONS Are you ready for your next celebration?
CELEBRATIONS is a compilation of 35 delectable recipes with glorious full-colour photos – appetizers, salads, dressings, soups, dinner delights and, of course, yummy sweets – to inspire your holiday cooking! Every recipe is fine tuned to perk up your taste buds while nourishing your bodymind with nutrient dense fresh foods.
Family and friends will love will love Cheesy Spread, Crazy-good Cauliflower Pizza, Black & White Muffins, Marzipan Moon Madness Cookies and more …  Read more



Recipes for Loving the Body You’re In

Gluten free, dairy free whole food recipes

Tickle Your Taste Buds ~ Energize Your Life!

From mindful movement to the tastiest healthy food, I have sourced what makes a body feel great:

As a Nia instructor I know the value of a well-nourished body, mind and spirit.

As a food-lover I have been teaching myself about good food and great ways of preparing it since my early twenties. Read more



Savoury n Sweet Treats for Every Occasion by Jan JensenSavoury ‘n’ Sweet Treats for Every Occasion

Gluten free, dairy free whole food recipes

Holidays and special family or friend occasions are when most of us step off whatever wagon we’re on, throw caution to the wind, and eat massive amounts of foods that disagree with our bodies or are just plain junky. My sensitivities to wheat and dairy products make social occasions even more of a mine field when it comes to the eating part. This recipe book is my answer to that story. Read more