What food are you going to serve at your next celebration?

Do you feel a little bit lost as to how to accommodate the different food needs of all of your guests? There are so many people who have food sensitivities and allergies, it can be quite nerve wracking to figure out what to put on the table.

CELEBRATIONS – my third cookbook – is your answer to that dilemma.

The recipes in CELEBRATIONS have passed special scrutiny: along with my official taste testers, the palates of my teenage sons and my husband who loves the foods of his Danish ancestors! Like most moms, I have had to be sneaky and smart to switch old eating habits with nutritious gluten and dairy free options and have the whole family enjoy every moment, every bite, along the way.

CELEBRATIONS is a compilation of 35 delectable recipes with glorious full-colour photos – appetizers, salads, dressings, soups, dinner delights and, of course, yummy sweets – to inspire your holiday cooking! Every recipe is fine tuned to perk up your taste buds while nourishing your body-mind with nutrient dense fresh foods. And like all Jan’s recipes, these are gluten and dairy free … but no one will know if you don’t tell.

Family and friends will love will love Cheesy Spread, Holiday Crepes, Wild Rice Dressing, Festive Bean Bundles, Curried Coconut Turkey, Crazy-good Cauliflower Pizza, Black & White Muffins, Marzipan Moon Madness Cookies and more …

In addition to being awesomely delicious, these recipes are both gluten and dairy free AND easy to prepare with familiar pantry items. Using organic foods with no or little processing, grown as close to home as possible, will give you exceptional taste plus the highest health benefits. Your family and guests (even those who aren’t gluten or dairy free) will love the flavours.

Get ready for celebrations that combine great taste and health!