These 50 Dare to Be Cards are my labour of love. You could say they’ve been incubating for over 15 years as I have been wending my way through art and writing, Nia and dance and wholesome natural foods, following my inner guidance, embracing change and sharing all of it with a eclectic, growing (in all senses of the word) community. So a bounty of love flows through these cards to your hands. Play, interact, get messy, be confused, surrender to it all and allow love to show you the way.

carolyn-cooper-mcquatt-TThe cards can be used on a multitude of levels:


You can use the cards to reunite with your body genius and tune into your physical sensations, which may seem very subtle at first. In time they will prove to be your instant and clear truthsayers.


The cards dare you to try on new emotions and qualities – to act as if – to be curious. ‘Acting as if’ creates a shape shifting flow from one emotion to another, and helps ease your daily transitions, whatever they may be. Over time you’ll notice you spend less time being stuck in negative spaces and have more ease sliding into better feeling places



Turn your thoughts to new possibilities. Think about the words that appear before you in the context of your day ahead. The card may seem to have nothing at all to do with what you’re asking. So dig deeper, play wider. How can you thoughtfully bring through the energy that is calling to you. It’s not random!


Trust your inner guidance. Trust that it is speaking to you through these cards to bring more joy into your life. Trust. Joy. Breathe.

Allow your SELF to blossom in a gentle and nurturing way – your way. Dare To Be surprised by the ease and grace of your journey!


I invite you to be kind and caring for your BodyMind (and/or for your friends).

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Jan Jensen was inspired to create these cards through her many years’ experience helping women reconnect with their own bodies and spirits through movement, body awareness workshops and Fabulous Vitality retreats.