Playful, mind-opening and life-changing

… all in the comfort of your own body!

Tune into your body and listen to its powerful guidance.

YOU hold all the insight and information to thrive in your life – you simply need a way to consistently access and understand what your body, mind and soul are calling you to focus on

… which is exactly what your DARE TO BE COACHING SESSION will give you!

These playful, intuitive, uncannily accurate sessions will help you:

  • unveil a new level of awareness in your body and spirit
  • build your internal compass reference points so you can quickly and easily tune in
  • Leave old body myths behind and clear your path to receive
  • Easily cultivate more grace and joy on your journey

Whether you are experiencing pain in your body, anxiety in your mind, fear in your heart – or just have a quiet sensation that is calling you to explore, a DARE TO BE COACHING SESSION will gently guide you to your next steps.

Align your body, mind and spirit and be fully open to the possibilities that await you.

“Jan is in the flow of knowing and in the spirit of dancing and her intuition easily supported a nudge forward.”   ~ Christine M.

“ … so enlightening and so bang on. It’s pretty cool to have the way I’ve been feeling validated, and to receive insights on where to go next.”   ~ Mary C.

“… it helped me to love my body a little bit more again and to be thankful that my body is in communication with me. I feel grateful.”   ~ Christine

DARE TO BE (fill in the blank for YOUR heart’s desire)

Embrace the possibilities with a DARE TO BE COACHING SESSION:

30min 30-minute MINI TUNE-IN: $60

A quick connect to shift into a new direction.

60min 60-minute TIME TO EXPLORE:  $110

An in-depth exploration of the state of YOU, and where/how you are guided to move next.

90min 90-minute DIVING DEEP: $150

A deep, powerful session to support your inner voice and most heart-felt desires.

Choose this when you want to change something in your life and don’t know how to take those first steps.

Email me to set up your appointment.

Jan’s Intuitive Alchemy Sessions:

Isn’t the Universe amazing! I’m a morning journaller, and many months ago a gentle “voice” appeared in my writings. I followed the signposts and the DARE TO BE cards came into being. At first just for me. Then I shared them with friends and was encouraged to “put them out there”. As I started to demonstrate how to use the cards, more  and more people started asking for readings. I’m loving how the magic of the cards opens doors of perception and awareness. I look forward to sharing these delights with you.