I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it! The Get Cultured Online Course is now open for registration! Oh yeah!

This course is the online version of the Get Cultured! Workshop that I’ve been teaching for years. Over time hundreds of people have become part of the Get Cultured community and are experiencing remarkable benefits from preparing and adding cultured veggies to their meals.

I hear from people every week about how much better they feel! As wonderful as that great feedback is – I want to expand the opportunities for people to access this important information about building gut health. So I’ve been hard at work developing the popular in-person workshop as an online course!

The Get Cultured! Course demonstrates:

  • how to easily make Brine Culture and the Basic Recipe Culture, 2 different versions of the fermenting process.
  • provides background on the history and benefits of cultured (fermented) veggies,
  • includes over 30 recipes and how to incorporate them easily into your daily life.

This is for anyone who wants to FEEL BETTER and is willing to do a bit of food prep each month. You don’t have to be a ‘good’ cook – just willing to chop veggies.

  • Get Cultured Online is available 24/7!  (this is as close as you’re ever going to get to a live workshop … only you get to pause and replay as often as you want, whenever you want)
  • You can start the course as soon as you purchase it!
  • Eating Cultured Veggies will boost your vitality and immune system by ADDING something to what you are already doing to build health. No strict diets or deprivation involved.

No matter where you are on your life journey of health and healing, you will notice better digestion, more energy, improved immune system – how cool is that!!

Purchase now, using the code below, and receive 18% off! The coupon code is accessible ONLY until May 18, 2018.

COUPON CODE: cultured2018

Check out what is included in the course (lots!)
The Get Cultured! Online Course includes:
Seven short videos:

Introduction – the history of cultured/fermented veggies around the world and over the ages
Health Benefits of adding cultured veggies to your meals
Equipment needed, along with shopping lists
Brine Culture demo: (for veggies such as carrots, green beans and lots more) – how to make the brine and prepare the veggies the easy way
Basic Recipe Culture demo (for foods like sauerkraut and relishes) – how to prepare, mix and massage the vegetables, add the culture and fill the jars
What happens when it’s in the jar: how to take care of your mixtures when they’re fermenting; how to tell when they’re ready to eat; how and where to store.
Integrating cultured veggies into your life

The downloadable Get Cultured!  A Primer for delicious fermented veggies that will rock your palate and your health in full colour PDF format includes added information AND over 30 recipes for cultured veggies. It’s all you need to keep cultured for the rest of your life!

Downloadable PDFs
FAQ PDF outlining extra information and answering frequently asked questions

Private Get Cultured! Facebook Group Access
Joining our private Get Cultured Facebook group is not a requirement … but we’d love to have you! (This group is only for those who have taken my workshops and course) This group is convened as a support for you to get more Culture in your life. I check in frequently to answer any questions and share new information. It’s also a space for everyone to share their own cultured veggie experiences — fabulous or flops or anything in between.

Lifetime Access to Get Cultured! The Online Course
You will have lifetime access* to all of the Get Cultured! online course materials
Lifetime access = for as long as I manage this site … I intend that to be a VERY long time!

The coupon code is accessible ONLY until May 18, 2018
The regular price in $97.00 CAD
With the coupon this amazing course is $79.54 … for lifetime access to all the support you need to feel better through being Cultured.

COUPON CODE: cultured2018

It’s available only until May 18, 2018.

If you have any questions simply hit reply to this email and ask away. You know I’m always up for cultured questions and conversations!

See you online,

Tender Loving Care for your body, mind and spirit.