Do you ever get colds or the flu? Feel run down? What about skin or digestive irritations, smidges of arthritis bugging a joint or two?

Why cultured?

  • it’s packed with probiotics that support your digestive system
  • it’s a tasty, easy to make side dish for any meal
  • highly recommended for dairy-free eaters
  • inexpensive food with impressive value for your health
  • cultured (fermented) veggies are great for reducing and even eliminating sugar cravings!

You can feel better within weeks of adding cultured vegetables (aka fermented vegetables) to your daily dining pleasure.


Over the past 30 years I have focused on finding the most nutritionally dense, absolutely delicious foods that are also easy to prepare. Cultured vegetables top my list because of the vast amounts of probiotics contained in just a couple of tablespoons. When your tummy is full of probiotics, not much can take you down healthwise − and isn’t that what we all want?

From kim chee to sauerkraut, fermented veggies have been a mainstay in international cuisine for eons. My family and I eat cultured veggies daily, about 1/4 to 1/2 cup … although I have to watch myself when it comes to Fermented Salsa – I could eat cups at a time, it’s so good! What I notice about adding cultured veggies to my food plan is that I don’t crave sugars the way I used to. This is awesome! With the craving switch turned off, I’m much more able to make great choices whenever and wherever I eat.

I offer 2 different Get Cultured starter kits including recipes to make your own delicious cultured veggies, and workshops here on the Sunshine Coast for those who like to learn in a friendly, hands-on group environment:

Get Cultured Lite Starter Kit:

This postal-friendly kit includes:

  • step-by-step illustrated instructions that take you through the whole preparation process for Cultured Vegetables.
  • 5 taste-tested awesome recipes to start your new Cultured life with variety
  • 1 package of high quality culture starter that has a wide variety of lacto-bacillus bacteria (just what your tummy is asking for)

For $14.95 plus $3 shipping CAD within Canada, this lightweight post-friendly kit will be delivered straight to your mail box, and you’ll be happily munching away in no time! Please contact me for international shipping fees.


Get Cultured Ultra Starter Kit:

get-cultured-starter-kitThis Ultra kit, priced at $29.95 CAD, includes everything above, PLUS

  • one 1-litre clear glass-topped jar
  • a handpicked, sterilized West Coast rock for keeping your veggies safe under the surface of the liquid while they’re getting cultured in the jar.

With this Ultra kit, no hunting is necessary to find just the right jar or crock for processing. This clear glass-topped container has an easy-to-use wide mouth opening with an airtight metal latch and rubber seal. Perfect for pickup from me on the Sunshine Coast or at one of my workshops. Elsewhere, Canada Post will be delighted to add an additional $10-$20 CAD shipping charge within Canada. Please contact me for international shipping fees.

Get Cultured Workshops

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about making cultured vegetables – and all in one workshop!

I’ve got great tasting samples to tempt your taste buds, and  I’ll guide you through two basic processes. AND you get to take a batch home and be cultured within a few days. Who knew it could be so easy?

My next Sunshine Coast workshop will be held on Saturday March 11, 2017… stay tuned for more information.



  • GCworkshopJan’s workshop was absolutely great. I came away from the class with information and techniques that I was able to use right away in my own kitchen. The recipes were delicious and – bonus – the class was lots of fun! ~ Dr. Christine Bird
  • “I loved the idea and the process. And the health benefits. Very fun workshop. Thank you, Jan. ”  ~ Heidi Riggs 
  • I enjoy my cultured veggies. I eat them every day and I’m sure my gut is a happier place because of them.  ~ Jude Lemoine
  • I learned new, delicious recipes and am so motivated to honour healthy tasty food for myself, family and friends. 
  • Fun, Inspiring, Hands On – can’t wait to start creating my own batches/recipes!”
  • I loved the information I learned today and the informal, fun environment. Thank you!   ~ Diane Seamark, Yoga Therapist at Sadohana Dojo
  • It was great that Jan made samples. She made it so fun!  ~ Rose McLaren