Did you know that you can boost your vitality naturally and easily, simply by eating fermented veggies?

Looking for healthy, affordable, delicious ways to get more probiotics into your life?


Then this is the place for you!


Our gut health affects us so much more than we ever realized.

Scientific studies are adding new information almost daily.

That’s because Cultured Veggies can:

boost your vitality … imagine clear skin, sparkling eyes, and a zest for life.

help you avoid or lessen the effects of colds, flus and other nasty bugs.

put an end to (or at least reduce) sugar cravings for most folks.

increase serotonin (to regulate anxiety, happiness, and mood) and dopamine (to help your brain lead a healthy lifestyle)

make mealtimes healthy for all family members

be easily made at home using veggies you and your family love

represent a significant savings compared to their purchased counterparts (we all love to save money!)


Come explore the wild and wonderful world of cultured vegetables with me from the comfort of your own kitchen. I demonstrate how to easily make Brine Culture and the Basic Recipe Culture, as well as provide background on the history and benefits of cultured veggies and how to incorporate them easily into your daily life. 

I have been teaching live workshops about making cultured/fermented vegetables for over five years. It’s always great fun and I love showing how to prepare these easy-to-make health-enhancing superfoods.

Get Cultured! The Online Course is as close as I can get to my live workshops, to share with you all my knowledge and techniques that have evolved over the years. Hundreds of participants have taken my workshops; their questions have helped me refine and clarify the information I offer, both the broad background and the tiny little details that are so important.

In Get Cultured! The Online Course you will discover: 

how probiotics support your digestive system – which in turn boosts your immune system

that cultured veggies are tasty, easy-to-make side dishes for any meal

that you can reduce and even eliminate sugar cravings with cultured (aka fermented) veggies!

how the probiotics in cultured veggies help to balance the beneficial bacteria in your gut

how these probiotics build the quantity and quality of important enzymes, and bacteria – a whole range of nutrients – that turn your body into a disease resistant energy-filled powerhouse!

Jan is so knowledgeable about all things fermentation. She provides clear instructions, takes you through all the steps, all while flowing at a very comfortable pace. I can’t wait to try my new cultures!
Lisa Fishman

Such a wonderful course! I’ve been making cultured vegetables ever since. There is generally something in brine on my counter waiting for space in the fridge! We eat it all the time and at every meal. Who says carrots aren’t a complement to your breakfast! I think the benefits are both obvious and more subtle. The benefits to the gut is one thing, but not having a cold or a virus in over a year is just great! Oh, and it’s prompted us to plant a garden with all the herbs and vegetables we need to continue into the future.

The Get Cultured! Online Course includes:

Seven short videos:

  • Introduction – the history of cultured/fermented veggies around the world and over the ages
  • The many benefits of adding cultured veggies to your meals
  • Equipment needed (you don’t need to buy anything special)
  • Brine Culture: (for veggies such as carrots, green beans and lots more) – how to make the brine and prepare the veggies the easy way
  • Basic Recipe Culture – (for foods like sauerkraut and relishes) – how to prepare, mix and massage the vegetables, add the culture and fill the jars
  • What happens when it’s in the jar: How to take care of your mixtures when they’re fermenting; how to tell when they’re ready to eat; how and where to store. 
  • Integrating cultured veggies into your life 


  • The downloadable Get Cultured!  A Primer for delicious fermented veggies that will rock your palate and your health in PDF format includes 30 recipes for cultured veggies. It’s all you need to keep cultured for the rest of your life! 

Downloadable PDF

  • A FAQ pdf outlining extra information and answering frequently asked questions

Lifetime Access to Get Cultured! The Online Course

  • You will have lifetime access* to all of the Get Cultured! online course materials
  • Lifetime access = for as long as I manage this site … I intend that to be a VERY long time!

Thank you, Jan. Get Cultured! is such a fun workshop and you made it easy even for non-foodie but health conscious me. 
Marlene Lowden

Before I signed up I really didn’t understand much about cultured foods – just that they’re healthy. Now I know they’re fun to make (it’s not often these days that we get down and dirty with our food!) … And I’m keen to try more!
Sue Thompson

Get Cultured! is the course that keeps on giving! The time and care you put into preparing these probiotic wonder foods can pay back health and wealth dividends in a very short time.

Get Cultured! The Online Course is only $97.00,
with lifetime* access



I’m one of those males who has strategically remained quite inexperienced in the kitchen, so I approached Jan’s Get Cultured! workshop with some trepidation. Now I know that even I can do this. Like Jan’s early teaching career, it’s elementary – and wonderfully healthy!
Sean Smith

Oh joy! Totally informative … I wouldn’t have begun to do this without this info.

Get Cultured! – The Online Course makes preparing Cultured Veggies easy, fun and ….

your body will thank you!