Guess what I’m up to? Making samples for my next Get Cultured! workshop. It’s happening on Saturday April 29th at my place in Sechelt from noon – 3 pm.

Why might you be interested in cultured veggies?

Cultured veggies provide a wide variety of probiotic strains. This is a good thing. Drugstore probiotics tend to contain very few strains, and are significantly more expensive. The culture starter I use has 10 strains … That’s a good beginning

Having a wide range of probiotics creates the strongest environment for a smoothly functioning digestive system, which then creates a strong immune system.

By helping to rebuild your immune system, cultured veggies tend to reduce the strength of acute infections, colds flus & worse. They also lower the chronic inflammation that saps your resources and energy levels.

Probiotics provide lots of B vitamins and stimulate your body to create even more. B vitamins are important in the production of red blood cells and maintaining a healthy nervous system. And a healthy nervous system makes everything go better …

Fermenting also creates more vitamin K, which helps with absorbing extra D, something we all need in my neck of the woods on BC’s sunshine Coast

On top of that fermented veggies have much higher concentration of Vitamin C than citrus fruits and the Vitamin C is no longer bound within the cellulose structure, so it’s easier to absorb. Cultured cabbage has many times more vitamin C than fresh cabbage.

Probiotics help you absorb protein better. They also improve the creation  and delivery of amino acids. This is important because amino acids are everywhere, in every process and every cell in your body!

Less proven but just as important is that probiotics support those with mood disorders or mental illnesses. The chemistry in our brain is affected by cultured bacteria, just like the rest of our body. When your gut is in optimal condition your mind is in optimal condition as well.

Personally I most appreciate the reduction of sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Cravings have always popped up for me during times of stress. Now when I notice the beginnings of cravings I enjoy an extra couple of tablespoons of cultured veggies and give myself some extra relaxation time and I’m good to go. Simple and easy to do – outrageously effective. How cool is that!

You can ask any questions you have and register for this upcoming workshop here. Right now I have 2 spaces left …

PS – fee is $75 and includes all organic veggies, containers, culture starter, yummy samples, a recipe book and more!

See you there …