Nadine photo 2 Mar 22 cropped smallWow! The response to my recent workshops has been so great (they’ve been overfull) that I’ve decided to add another workshop to my schedule.  

How’s your health? How’s your energy level? Is your immune system calling for more support? I can help you feel better with these easy-to-make cultured (also called fermented) vegetables. They taste delightful and are easy to add to what you already eat as side dishes or condiments … 

What is so special about cultured veggies is that they are full of the vast range of probiotics that our poor abused guts so desperately need. There are many varieties, and as adults or even children, we can be scarily deficient. Why? Sadly – our overly processed foods, over reliance on medications, increasingly toxic environment all damage our gut environment. This is the environment that creates our own internal protection from nasty flu bugs and so much more. You can rebuild and strengthen your gut. It’s easier than you think!

Check your schedule to see if the new date is a fit for you and your embattled vitality.

Here’s the scoop:

Get Cultured! A Tasty Workshop at Davis Bay Hall on Tuesday April 8 from 6:30-9:15.

Your investment is $45 (which includes all the veggies)

Check out the poster below for more information. 


Now contact me to register for this workshop soon. Spaces are filling fast. 
Please phone 604-885-3363 or email me at to hold your spot.