And no, this is not about the opera…

Cultured (or fermented) in this case refers to everyday vegetables & vegetable mixtures that are bursting at the seams with probiotics, those little critters that balance and boost our gut environment. They get this way through a process very similar to the making of old-fashioned sauerkraut. I have developed a quicker & easier modern version that makes it so much more possible for you to take advantage of these dynamic little critters.

The greatest thing about Cultured Vegetables is that they are something you add to whatever you’re already doing with food. Most healthy diets require that you delete or restrict foods that you would normally eat. Cultured Veggies will support your quest for greater vitality simply by being small part of every meal. How easy is that?

Once Cultured Vegetables with their trillions of probiotics enter into your digestive system they help to balance your gut flora and fauna so that you get more out of the foods you eat. With a highly functioning gut you have more energy, a happier heart and a clear mind.

There’s more:

  • They add tons of vitamins B, C and K to your gut, which bumps up your immune system and helps you stay out of the way any nasty bugs that may come your way.
  • Whether you make your own Cultured Vegetables (the least expensive) or buy them at your local deli, Cultured Veggies are so much cheaper than buying probiotic supplements.
  • One of the most valuable benefits of Cultured Veggies for me is that they help control sugar cravings during stressful times. I’m so grateful for all those chocolate bars I have NOT eaten!

I could keep listing benefits for ages here … but really, all you need to remember is:

A tablespoon of Cultured Veggies per meal keeps you happy, healthy and wise.

And such a scrumptious taste treat!     So cool.

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