Lively Liver CultureConstantly building the presence of probiotic foods in your life can change how you feel – every day. It’s true!

I’m hearing more stories all the time about how the addition of cultured veggies has alleviated long standing symptoms of gut microbiome distress. Maybe this doesn’t count as scientific proof per se, however I’m finding it completely affirming! Every positive outcome feeds my passion to get this information + process into the hands of as many people as possible.

Is this your time to get cultured?

It’s the last time this spring!

   Why cultured? 

  • Cultured vegetables power up your immune system so that those nasty bugs can’t get in.
  • They are packed with probiotics that help your digestive system get top nutrition out of every bite.
  •  Fermented veggies are great for reducing and even eliminating sugar cravings!

To register or if you have questions, simply click here to contact me.

The workshop includes tonnes of information plus a guide to make it easier for you to slide into the cultured life after the workshop. I’ve got great new recipes and 2 different methods for you to use to get yummy tasting cultured veggies.

Here are all the deets:

When: Saturday, April 23rd from noon till 3 pm

Where: 5785 Genni’s Way, Sechelt in my beautiful big new kitchen

Fee: $75 – includes all organic veggies and fermenting supplies, handbook & recipe book!

To register simply click here to contact me.

I look forward to getting cultured with you!


I continue to be in awe of how each Get Cultured! workshop is unique and rich. People who retake the workshop bloom anew with probiotic power.