My Breakfast smallEven on holidays, I can be cultured – it’s true! I’ve never tried doing this while away from home before, but it was easy peasy and oh so important. Read on …

The photo you see is the batch I made shortly after arriving in Mexico. Ron and I have been snarfing it down ever since & have to make 1 more small batch to last us for the last week. I’m sure it has helped us avoid the long lasting after affects of the flu that has been circulating everywhere. I’ve heard more coughing and sneezing here in Mexico than any other year I think, and it’s not just us gringos; it’s everyone everywhere.

So this is my own little mini-proof of the immune boosting benefits of cultured veggies: being surrounded by nasty bugs and sliding through it all with minimal discomfort. (I did have a very runny nose and fever for about 18 hours, but I bumped up my intake of Vitamin C drastically, ate my CVs and lathered Thieves essential oil blend over my neck and chest.) I’m still using the Thieves oil when I head out on the buses … just in case.

By the way, the colour of this batch is very different cause I couldn’t find any kale (no surprise) and the spinach looked yucky. This has cabbage, carrot, red pepper, a bit of onion, garlic, dill, a bit of green apple and of course a smidge of culture. It fermented super fast in this heat. The first time I released the lid the liquid sprayed out about 6 feet! I released the lid more often after that (~.~) lesson learned.

If you’re planning on travelling, think about how you can bring a little culture with you. It may save your holiday!

You can buy single culture packages (from BodyEcology) through me … and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I’m always happy to encourage the spread of culture.

Eat Cultured!


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