Knee Universe


When I had surgery 20 years ago to clean up the mess inside my knee joint, the surgeon told me that I would have 10 –12 years before I would need a new knee.

My response to that was: HA – I can change this – I can take care of my knee in ways this surgeon doesn’t even know are possible.

A bit of an arrogant attitude for a lay person, I know. I just kept searching for more holistic answers, always hoping for little miracles. MAYBE I wouldn’t have to have a total knee replacement … ever.

But last fall when the sensations in and around my right knee started moving well into the range of pain, I thought UH-OH… I am now eight years beyond the 12 years I was given by the surgeon and it must be that I’ve hit the reality wall. So I set up knee assessment appointments & started preparing for the rigors of total knee replacement surgery.

This all makes sense right? Very mature and proactive of me for sure. And I deserve pats on the back for being such a brave soul, such a good little soldier. YEP.

Imagine my surprise when the physio told me that there was negligible change in my knee over the last six years, and that I was doing fantastically well. In fact WHAT was I doing, because she wanted more info to pass on to her other knee patients. WOW

WHY then, was there more pain?



Here’s what’s true. Stress causes cortisol levels to rise in your blood and when cortisol is up, nothing works very well – not your immune system or inflammation fighting armies or hormones.  The whole beautifully balanced castle of cards that is our body-mind-spirit system starts to crumble.

You can see where this story is going, right?

I was stressed. I created my own flare-up by worrying over things I couldn’t change, then solidified the effects by believing that this was the beginning of the end – that there was no alternate end to this story other than knee surgery.

However, it turns out that all the body love I had given myself and my knee over the last few years was paying off. Holistic and complementary medicines and movement IS the answer in so many cases.


You CAN change your life by listening to your body.

You CAN shift from struggle to strength by finding those small moments (that’s all you need) to sink into that centered heartspace where your listening is deeper.

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