Can getting/being healthy really be simple and fun? Yes!

In this weekend of moving, sensing, playing and eating delectable organic foods, Jan will help you tune into your own body wisdom. You’ll come away with personalized, easy steps to make “fabulous vitality” your new reality.

Revel in your exploration of Nia, meditative movement, food and lifestyle education and play, play, play in the magical setting of Jan’s waterfront home in Secret Cove, Sunshine Coast, BC. Enjoy the echoes of this amazing weekend for the rest of your life!

From the previous Loving The Body You’re In weekend retreat:

“First, I must thank you for providing a rich and rewarding weekend. I learned a few things about myself, appreciated the stories from new people, sampled new wonderful foods, played with Nia movement and thoroughly enjoyed myself.” ~ Debra W.

“Thank you for a magical weekend. The artistic beauty of your home intertwined with the beauty of nature was a exquisite backdrop for your work with NIA/super nutritious diet/journaling and body awareness – then add on the EFT – WOW! A full weekend … I particularly loved the “tree-house” feel of your place and doing my stretches in the morning with the bird all around – the arguing Jays and the wise hooting owl.
“Heartfelt thanks!”
~ Elizabeth I.

For more information  call 604-885-3363 or e-mail.