I haven’t been eating wheat for ages, simply because my body said no – repeatedly – with skin rashes, sore joints, edema and foggy brain syndrome. With further experimentation I realized that gluten in anything was an anathema to my body … and possibly many others’. What I didn’t realize was that wheat itself has changed so much in the last 40 or years, and that those changes have made wheat difficult for most people, not just a sensitive flower like me.

On a recent trip to  Thormanby Island I brought my beach ‘novel’. Instead of the usual light reading, my summertime reading this year has been this hugely informative book by William Davis called “Wheat Belly”. It’s an enticingly easy read filled with facts, stories and studies that have not been main stream information until the popularity of this book. I particularly like that the scientific facts affirm what my body has been telling me for years.

In Wheat Belly, Davis describes the intense hybridization experiments of the 1970’s that paid no attention to how the changes might affect our human digestive systems. Add the Present GMO experiments to the mix and it becomes a little scary …

He also reminds us of the high glycemic index of wheat – higher even than sugar!!! He chronicles the effects of our modern wheat on Celiac Disease, Diabetes, rapid aging, heart and our brains (yikes!). Luckily he has some solutions along with the problems.  Chapter 13 and the appendices are filled with great advice for whole food eating. A man after my own heart …

Are you curious now, or scared? I’m a little of both those things myself.

HOWEVER I know that it’s deliciously possible to eat a succulent diet without wheat (or dairy) and have the cookbooks to help you with it all.  Read the book, get motivated, then ask me how I can help you implement … with ease.  I’ve got quick tricks and yummy treats in both of my gluten-free/dairy-free cookbooks.

AND I’ve got a Get Cultured! Workshop coming up on Oct 13 in Sechelt. You’ll learn how to make cultured veggies quickly and easily, and in many different tasty forms. Heal your wheat belly – Get Cultured! … more info coming soon on my playshops page.

Does any of this strike a chord for you? What are you doing already – or where are you willing to start? Let me know on my facebook page: Jan Jensen TLC