I’m FLYing into White Rock on March 3rd to share one of Nia’s latest routines, and I’m SO excited.

This is an awesome body of work that will take you to the next level of fitness, fun and fabulous vitality!  The focus is sensing your body as you move, and how that sensory awareness feeds your ability to build healthy life-expanding movement.  You’ll be playing with isolating AND integrating movements as you isolate and integrate the sensations of YOUR body’s dance.

 Step in – and get ready to FLY with me

Why: Because you’ll love it – your body will thank you. 

When: Sunday March 3, 2013

              1:15 – 3:15 pm

Where: Camp Kwomais Hall

What’s the fee? $35


How to register: call South Surrey Recreation at 604-501-5100  

Please pre-register.