I’m writing this from the sun and warmth of Mexico​, where I’ve spent some of my time here reviewing the last year, noticing how I feel about my life
and business.

It helps me to take the time to acknowledge what feels good AND what feels kinda funky or even awful. I’ve noticed that when I don’t take the time I just stuff it all and push myself ever on​ward​ without the awareness and information to make good decisions for myself.

​You know those times​ -​ when you’re bleary-eyed at whatever o’clock, totally stressed, wondering how you got into this mess? Yes, those times.

I’m learning how to avoid them​.​

By listening and actually responding to the messages my body is sending me through sensation.
You knew that one was coming, didn’t you? More on this later …

Since now is the beginning of my year – and inspired by Paul Jarvis and his State of the Union Sunday Dispatch a few weeks ago – here is my brief State of the Jan Jensen TLC Union.

What went well last year?

1. I let go of my two evening Nia classes, leaving me with a schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday morning classes. It was a difficult decision – I’ve been teaching at Davis Bay for more than 17 years! However, as soon as I let go, good things happened.  I love that more people have joined Sechelt Aquatic Centre classes so I haven’t lost any income and I have more time (precious time – see #2&3).

2. I took workshops and renewed my creative practice in acrylic painting and printmaking. During Todd Clarke’s five day summer workshop I was so happy I could’ve levitated. I painted and printed enough during the year to exhibit during the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl – so fun AND I sold paintings!

3. Every Get Cultured! workshop last year was full! I love teaching in my new home with a lovely large kitchen. Happy gut dancing on this one!

4. I got an incredible amount of joy from puttering in my garden almost every day from February to October. Dirt and green stuff heals me.

What didn’t go well last year?

1. Deaths in my family laid me low and taught me a lesson or three about being in the moment, allowing and loving what is – even if I don’t like it.

2. I didn’t get my website updated (see #1 above).

3. I didn’t fit my Get Cultured online course created/finished (see #1 above).

4. I got lost in the depths of Facebook too many times to count (sheesh)

5. I didn’t wash the inside of the windows in my house ALL year, and yes, I know that must be crushing for you too ;-).

The state of things to come:

1. I’m so looking forward to returning to my three times a week Nia classes. They start as soon as I’m home again – Feb 7, 9, and 11th. More info. This is the core of my self-care practice. I know it is for many of my participants as well.

2. Get Cultured! online is in the works! Filming is completed and the behind-the-scenes work is in progress. You’ll be hearing more in the spring. I have 1 live workshop at my home in Sechelt on Saturday, March 11 …

3. Painting and printmaking are a top priority for me this year and I will be showing the results – the ones that I like – in my Etsy store and soon on Jan Jensen Art . com

4. Website update – in the works! And since I have help I think this time it’ll get done. Stay tuned…

5. Last but definitely not least … my fave recipes will continue to show up whenever I just can’t resist.

So there you are – the State of the Jan Jensen TLC union.

It has been tremendously helpful to me just writing this all down in an orderly way and sensing my body settle. Conscious clarity is a wonderful thing.

I would love to hear from you about your practices, how you acknowledge the abundance in your life. When are you patting yourself on the back?