Get Cultured Course


Come explore the wild and wonderful world of cultured vegetables with me from the comfort of your own kitchen. I demonstrate how to easily make Brine Culture and the Basic Recipe Culture, as well as provide background on the history and benefits of cultured veggies and how to incorporate them easily into your daily life.





The Get Cultured! Online Course includes:

Seven short videos:

  • Introduction – the history of cultured/fermented veggies around the world and over the ages
  • The many benefits of adding cultured veggies to your meals
  • Equipment needed (you don’t need to buy anything special)
  • Brine Culture: (for veggies such as carrots, green beans and lots more) – how to make the brine and prepare the veggies the easy way
  • Basic Recipe Culture – (for foods like sauerkraut and relishes) – how to prepare, mix and massage the vegetables, add the culture and fill the jars
  • What happens when it’s in the jar: How to take care of your mixtures when they’re fermenting; how to tell when they’re ready to eat; how and where to store.
  • Integrating cultured veggies into your life