After the excitement of the Wellness Show weekend in February, which had a playshop in Nanaimo added to it – I felt very full, emotionally – and also very tired. My tank needed refilling – so I added afternoon naps into my repertoire for a few days, some extra nutritious foods (lots of protein & good fats: fish, avocado, eggs, along with my regular mega veggies). And I noticed that, even with that extra TLC, I needed something else. What has worked for me this last week is to buy some flowers and arrange them in small bouquets around the house. Part of this process has me gathering greens from the garden which has me noticing the buds and other signs of spring. This reminds me to stop and smell the flowers 🙂 which feeds my spirit. Simple.
Some of the best TLC is so simple we often don’t think about it. What simple strategies do you remember, at least some of the time?

purple croci