This is a shout out for taking small simple steps when starting something new – or in my case, re-starting something old. I’ve kept journals off and on for a lot of my adult life, but have drifted away from the practice the past few years.  Interesting that once my kids left home and I would have more time supposedly, I forgot how to create the time for writing.

So I decided recently that I needed to start the every morning writing habit again, and then thought about it for several months, sidling up to the idea and then drifting away again… Oh sigh it’s such a hard thing to do… yup all those kinds of thoughts. Then I listened to an on-line talk with Janet Connor, who wrote “Writing Down Your Soul” and was inspired. On the other hand, within a day or so I heard from Marie Forleo that new research says it’s not 21 days to create a habit it’s actually 64. You would think that this new piece of info would send me back off into the ozone again thinking about how hard it all is, right? Wrong. I guess I’m perverse – needed the larger challenge, or maybe I’m just finally tired of having the vapours.

I’ve been writing every morning for 3 weeks now – a good start, with a little ways to go yet to get those 64 days under my belt. The interesting thing about it is that for some unknown reason to me, I’ve also started writing a short gratitude journal at night just before I go to sleep. Huh. And I’ve finally started writing down the bits and pieces of whatever writing it is that’s been floating around in my head for the past year (that I’ve previously flatly refused to put on paper). Another huh. Oh ya and I’ve been messing about with paint again … nothing serious you understand, just play. I almost hate to talk about it – I feel like someone might tap me on the shoulder and say “Are you forgetting you’re an adult here? What about your responsibilities???” And I’ve got a great answer now that I’ve actually broken through my personal wall.  It IS my responsibility to be the most me I can possibly be in this lifetime … and painting and playing is part of who I am.


And here I am actually writing a blog post out of the blue with no deadline … 

What is going on?

I’m calling it the Domino Effect.

Take a simple step, and then take another simple step, and then ohmigosh!

You end up walking.