The last few weeks have been tougher for me, emotionally.

Nothing bad has happened to me or my family, but I think that nutzoid mess that is the world at large has been seeping into my energy fields. One of the ways I’ve been “managing” that was by eating everything in sight – as well as anything I may have had hidden on myself…

Yes – even gluten and dairy free – you can eat too much crap!!!

As my body started to complain about this overload I hauled myself up by the bootstraps and set about getting back to my healthy eating and a more loving lifestyle.

It doesn’t work just by a snap of my fingers though – I can’t do it without support.

Some of the ways I support myself look like this:

  • Add warm lemon drinks all day long. I normally start and end each day with a mug of hot/warm water + ¼ – ½ fresh lemon. It’s great for my liver, clears my palate and somehow feels more cozy and healing body/mind/spirit than other options.
  • Double up on protein and fiber. Both of these actions help with keeping blood sugar levels more even. And women tend not to get enough protein, especially early in the day.
  • Triple up on probiotic intake. Eat at least a tablespoon of Cultured veggies with every meal. Or take a super high quality supplement. Or eat kefir or … However you do it, adding probiotics will boost your whole digestive system and allow more nutrients to get more places, faster. This helps on all levels.
  • Quadruple up on the short or gentle walks outside, hopefully including some gardening though that’s hard this year. Beach access is also a good bet for me.

GENTLE is the key word here.

Nowhere in all of this is any deprivation dieting or intense exercise push. This support is a love hug for your whole self.

After a few days of this regime (which also includes less technology and more creative time as I feel better) I’m noticing those jangled sensations starting to ease.  Life seems possible again. I’ve reorganized part of my studio. I’ve even washed some windows. I’m able to focus enough to get a newsletter out!


I encourage you to find your personal route to that peaceful sensation of “Yes I am HERE, and I’m glad and grateful to BE HERE.” With my little extra nudge to add probiotics in some form to your daily eating (your bodymind will thank you).

You can find more information about the next Get Cultured! workshop here, or email me with your questions.

I presently have 6 spots left for the April 29th Get Cultured! workshop in Sechelt.

Yours in using culture to create the life I love,