The weather has shifted  and fall is definitely settling in here on the Sunshine Coast. Which is wonderful and lovely and all that good stuff – or not. This is also the time that opportune cold or flu bugs seem to come alive and search out the unprepared. If YOU want to be one of the prepared ones, read on.

I felt one of those nasty little bugs sniffing around me last week and immediately went to my fridge and brought out this little jar of funny looking liquid. I sipped little bits for a day or so … and no more bug bugging me. What is this funny liquid, you ask? Ha- I can hear all the smart remarks already … and no, it is none of those things.

It is simply the leftover liquid from a jar of Cultured Cukes, full of happy probiotics waiting to refuel my immune system.

All it takes is ingesting about 1/2 – 1 tsp of the liquid, maybe 3-6 times, and whatever bug is trying to take me down is usually gone. I have also eaten extra spoonfuls of cultured veggies with the same results. It’s worth a try the next time you’re being harassed by a cold bug.

Cultured veggies and the juice they’re in, keeps immunity-building vitamins at a high enough level to create a hostile environment for nasty bugs so they just can’t take hold.

This makes me very happy … to be so inhospitable to such nastiness.

If you would like to be inhospitable too – go make your next batch of cultured veggies now.