Yes, I take my culture starter with me when I travel … because it seems to me that that’s the time when I need my gut to be the strongest and most impermeable it can be. It’s easy to make small batches as soon as you land somewhere. Any glass jar with a lid, stuffed with chopped local veggies, cabbage and salt will produce yummy probiotic treats. When I’m in Mexico and it’s warm, those veggies are cultured within 2 days!


Note: I take culture starter to make my cultured veggies even more jam packed with probiotics, but fermenting without the starter also produces that oh-so-important probiotic boost for your gut.

 And it’s such a delight to run into fresh cultured veggies being sold in local markets! I had a blast with the delightful woman in the photo at the Sayulita Friday Market a few months ago. We talked a bunch of culture before I bought a stack of new fermented flavours. The experience completely inspired me to add more sprouts to my ferments, particularly sprouted green lentils. They are SO GOOD! New recipes are being born at this moment …

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