The Nia Workout: Good for your body

people in a Nia class looking joyful

  • Nia’s 60 minute cardio-dance workouts combine 52 simple moves drawn from dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts.
  • Nia tones your body and tunes your mind. Each workout brings mindfulness to your dance movement experience leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.
  • Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities.
  • Everyone can do Nia because the movements are so adaptable to varying skill and fitness levels.

Nia is simply a delightful way to connect
to your body, your heart, and your spirit.

 “My triathlon training improved, my posture, my form and my confidence. I have had fewer injuries and of course the benefit of feeling absolutely beautiful while I am dancing away is the best gift I could give myself.” Benita Leech

“This class is great! I have been sedentary for years and this is the first class I have ever LOVED. It feels great and no pain! Jan is also full of infectious enthusiasm. I think this community might become fit because of people like her!” Kathleen Clarke

“Jan leads us through a soulful, graceful and powerful movement experience. It just keeps on getting better! ”

… and good for your Soul


Done to diverse and inspiring music, Nia is a transformational practice that teaches you to be more JOYFUL, EXPRESSIVE, and ALIVE in your body, both inside and outside the studio.

Nia creatively integrates movements, concepts and philosophies from both Eastern and Western traditions. Martial arts and meditative techniques teach mindfulness, a powerful tool for self-discovery. Dance techniques teach how to move with grace and fluidity. Integrative body therapies help us to self-heal through awareness and alignment that improves functioning.

Nia can change your life … body, mind, emotions, and spirit!

a nia class with a description of what nia is

Nia Benefits:

  • strengthens muscles, improves muscle tone, and increases muscle definition;
  • calms the mind and relieves stress, improving cognitive functioning
  • improves endurance;
  • increases grace and flexibility;
  • improves posture;
  • alleviates depression, anxiety, and stress;
  • improves organ function, particularly that of the heart and lungs;
  • improves circulation of blood and improves lymphatic drainage;
  • enhances sensory awareness.

What to Wear?

  • Wear anything you are comfortable moving in that gives you a full range of motion.
  • The class is active, so be prepared to sweat!
  • Nia is done barefoot.

What to Bring?

  • Bring water and payment for the class, if necessary. Most important, bring your curiosity and a desire to have fun! Nia classes welcome all levels of fitness.
I have…never enjoyed an exercise program so much. Jan makes it such fun, and uses her imagination to create routines that are upbeat but, also, deeply satisfying. I find myself leaving class with a smile on my face…The influence of Nia has expanded my breathing and helped to put my body into alignment, so minor aches and pains have disappeared. I highly recommend both Nia and Jan teaching it, as life-affirming forces.” 

Anne Carr