Flying is fun

I know I’ve been talking about flying a lot, but it just keeps showing up! I was reading The Daily Love blog  today and here was this Rumi quote that I just had to copy and pass on.

“You were born with potential 
You were born with goodness and trust 
You were born with ideals and dreams 
You were born with greatness 
You were born with wings 
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t 
You have wings 
Learn to use them and fly!”   – Rumi. Rumi was a 13th Century Sufi Mystic.

The last 3 lines particularly speak to me. “You are not meant for crawling, so don’t – You have wings – Learn to use them and fly!”

Right now I’m thinking of Nia’s 5 Stages – embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing, walking – and I want to add  flying to the list. I might not know how to physically manifest this right this moment but I love the possibility of taking the exuberant state of emotional and spiritual flying and bringing it to my physical here and now. Wow – delightful concept! Dancing is the closest thing I know. What if dancing leads to flying?

And yes, crawling is part of our development but I don’t want to be stuck there.

I have been stuck though, lots of times, when I have allowed my fears and anxieties to stop me from my natural expression. For me it’s been the most personal and creative expressions of writing and visual art where I’ve been creeping along for far too long. It’s time for me to dance and fly through my writing and painting as well as Dancing Through Life with Nia. Round out the whole experience. Ya!

Where in your life have you been creeping or crawling? Where do you feel called to fly? What are you doing about it???

*Remember every step counts, no matter how small …

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